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  The Fire Inside
 Issue 23 - Winter 2002-03

< Dedication to Norma Jean Croy
< The Prisonification of Indian Women
< Legal Corner: The Indian Child Welfare Ace
< Editorial: Native Women Prisoners
< Standing Deer PRESENTE!
< Pa'lante: La Prisionificación de las Mujeres Indígenas
< Parole - A Distant Dream
< Inez Garcia, the Right to Self-Defense
< Welcome Home Marva Wallace and Susan Deering
< Four Winds: Interview with LaVonne Roach
< Sherrie Chapman PRESENTE!
< Honor Dance for the Four Winds
< Forms of Violence Against Native Women
< NO to Restitution Increase from 22% to 55%!!!
< Introducing Christina and Doris
< A Message. . .
< It's Your Health: Disabled in Prison

Dedication to Norma Jean Croy

Norma Jean Croy

Norma Jean Croy served 18 years for an accident.

Injustice permeates her whole case. In 1979 a store clerk accused her brother of shortchanging him, which she says did not happen. Off-duty, out of uniform FBI agents gave chase and she was the first one shot. She did not hold a gun during the incident, which a judge ruled an accident when he overturned her brothers conviction. Yet even after her brother was released, she stayed in prison. It took years of effort to get her out. Unfortunately, her story is far from unique.

In honor of all Native women we dedicate this issue if The Fire Inside to Norma Jean Croy.

Photo: Norma Jean Croy on Feb. 7, 1997, the day she was released.

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