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  The Fire Inside
 Issue 32 - Winter/Spring 2006

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< See What I See …
< Dignity Denied: The Price of Imprisoning Older Women in California
< Martha Fernández (en Español)
< The Story of Martha Fernandez
< Standing up at Sacramento County Jail
< San Joaquin County Jail Suicide
< Are Vendors Gouging Prisoners?
< Family Visits: Keeping Precious Connections Strong!
< Staph Infections
< Parole Beat
< Justice Denied

See What I See …

by L. R., CCWF

Society is led to believe that they have captured
many “evil drug lords”
In the war on drugs
They say the streets are safe but …

See what I see …
I’m surrounded by women
Far from the drug lords
Escobar, Atala, Cuervas, Ochoa
Manuel Noriega and more

See what I see …
As I look around me
Surrounded by heartache and pain
The oppressed and abused
The prisons are full

See what I see …
Down troddened, addicted, and poor
“evil drug dealers” victims of the war
a sacrifice, a façade for all to believe

See what I see …
The abused, persecuted and afflicted, victims of the war on drugs
Stripped of dignity
Stripped of a belief of justice
Their lives … the final sacrifice
Doomed behind the razor wires of isolation, loneliness, and despair

See what I see …
Women hoping for justice
Just someone to care …
Someone to see

See what I see …
And tell me that …
The thousands of poor who cannot afford an attorney
The abused who are convicted as king pins
The poor charged with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
Phantom drugs
… are not the victims of the “War on Drugs”

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