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  The Fire Inside
 Issue 32 - Winter/Spring 2006

< Dedication
< Woman prisoner writes
< Legal Corner: Correcting your sentence
< All of Us or None Wins a Victory over Employment Discrimination in San Francisco
< USF Creative Justice Art Show
< It’s All About Us: Getting Ready to Get Out
< Se trata de nosotras: Preparándose para salir
< Freedom
< Letters for Liberation
< Are We the Lost?
< Voices from the hood
< Seeds of Light
< Solitude
< See What I See …
< Dignity Denied: The Price of Imprisoning Older Women in California
< Martha Fernández (en Español)
< The Story of Martha Fernandez
< Standing up at Sacramento County Jail
< San Joaquin County Jail Suicide
< Are Vendors Gouging Prisoners?
< Family Visits: Keeping Precious Connections Strong!
< Staph Infections
< Parole Beat
< Justice Denied

Voices from the hood

by KC X018, CCWF

Voices from my past, children, soft sounds, the smell of cut grass
The flight of the falcon, a humming bird hovers around a bright red feeder. A window, the window sill of heaven.

Ravens call at night, the cane, oh, the magic of the Raven Cane at night.

To even underestimate the power in the hood in the wee hours of the morn, is to say the "caine" and eye have no say!

Listen, yes, in quiet silence comes the WAY.
Less is always an addition when the last part is the only less,
Then the less is the more, but only in response to just the ADD =
2 equal is to be a part of, to remain less, then can become, a gift is source, as in it works,
The How It Works, hood, stayed down until we equal the most.

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