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  The Fire Inside
 Issue 37 - Spring 2008

< Dedication
< "Caged" Mental Health
< Legal Corner - Coleman v. Wilson on mental health
< Without hope I can't cope
< Lack of Mental Health Care at VSPW Puts Everyone at Risk
< Editorial - Caged Mental Health
< Editorial - Salud Mental Enjaulada
< CCWP hosts Without Walls radio show
< Family Visiting Day, 2008
< CURB sues to stop AB900
< Mental health in prisoners' experience
< The union we yearn for
< Statewide Demonstrations Against the Runner Initiative
< CCWP's volunteer appreciation
< FAMM's Commutations Project
< "Grief Share" program at CCWF
< Parole Beat
< Marsy’s Law -- threat to parole
< STOPMAX Campaign conference
< It's Your Health - Medications schedule change
< Too late for Sista K!
< Prison Creative Arts Project

Introducing new CCWP staff members

My name is Xiomara Campos Cisne, and I have been with CCWP since October 2007 as Compañeras Coordinator. I coordinate prison visits in VSPW every other month and network with community based organizations throughout the Bay Area to recruit new team members. Many Compañeras inside are monolingual and during the visits we keep them informed of law changes, assist in translation, and provide them with moral support; I share jokes during each visit so they can smile. I was born and raised in Nicaragua, I have a son that is nineteen years old, and I work full-time for the homeless community in San Francisco. I'm very happy to be part of this team and I’m planning for Compañeras team to grow.

Me llamo Xiomara Campos Cisne, y eh estado trabajando con CCWP como cordinadora de Compañeras desde Octubre 2007, y estoy encargada de organizar visitas a la prisón de VSPW canda otro mes y tambien trato de mantenerde en comunicación con otras organizaciones en la bahia para reclutar personas para nuestro equipo. Durante las visitas informo a las compañeras de cambios de las leyes, pero lo mas importantes es apoyarlas moralment, durante las visitas trato de bromear para que ellas sonria. Yo nací y creci en Nicaragua, tengo un hijo que tiene diez y nueve años, y trabajo con la comunidad desamparanda de San Francisco. Estoy muy contenta de ser parte de este equipo, y espero que el equipo de Compañeras sigas prosperando.

I am Nia Sykes. I live in San Francisco. My focus as an outreach worker for CCWP will be working with women in the San Francisco county jail. We have been visiting the women in the jail every other Friday. With the population of 287 women and transgender people, 67% African American , the demand for an organization like CCWP is high and the women appreciate us working with and giving them all we have to offer. A little support can go a long way. I look forward to working with CCWP.

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