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  The Fire Inside

Issue 11 - June 1999

    < Dedication
    < Is This an Offence?
    < A Woman's Story
    < In Memoriam to Patty Contreras
    < Testimony at Joint Committee on Prison Construction, Sacramento, CA
    < Editorial: The War Against Communities, Families, and Women
    < Impact of the Drug War
    < Sisters and Sisterhood: Tearing Down Walls Behind Walls
    < International Women's Day
    < My sister, Tina Balagno
    < The Changing Times
    < Yvonne Bunny Knuckles, 1937-1999, We love you and will miss you very much!
    < Women in Black: Vigil for Women's Health Care
    < Snitch
    < Prison psychiatrist arrested
    < Justice Battered: Theresa Cruz Denied Parole!
    < Millions for Mumia
    < Amnesty International writes!

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