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  The Fire Inside

Issue 15 - August 2000

    < Dedication
    < Judge Shubb Turns a Deaf Ear to Whistle Blowers, Shumate Case Dismissed
    < Homophobia and Nepotism Behind Prison Walls
    < Legal Corner: Parole--Will we ever get out?
    < Editorial: California's Parole System -- Cruel and Illegal!
    < Look for the Light
    < National Day of Protest - Prison Reform Unity Project, PRUP 2000
    < Rattle the Cage
    < Making Success Impossible: Hardships for the Paroling Mother
    < Women Granted Clemency
    < Responses to The Fire Inside from Men Prisoners
    < San Diego California Coalition for Women Prisoners
    < Unite and Write-Stop Whining!
    < All that can be
    < It's Your Health: Dealing with anger
    < Lovin' in the Trees
    < Parole Theresa Cruz on September 20!
    < State Sanctioned Lynching: the Execution of Shaka Sankofa
    < Scanner 1000

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