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  The Fire Inside

Issue 17 - March 2001

    < Dedication
    < She can not see
    < Is God Calling or is Medical Run by the Grim Reaper?
    < Legal Corner: Growing old in prison--what will it mean?
    < Editorial: No Geriatric Prisons!
    < Whose Common Sense? Whose Fault?
    < Medical Conditions at Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW)
    < Outraged Community Responds to CCWF Deaths
    < Reflections on New-Found Freedom
    < Wandering Star
    < Two perspectives on "I" that is "we": Charisse Shumate and Hegel
    < Learn to Look Inside
    < Inmates & Rabbits at Risk
    < Pardons for Kemba, Linda and Susan
    < Incarcerated Parents Manual
    < Legislative Hearings Materials Available

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