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Issue 18 - Summer 2001

    < Dedication
    < Parole - a Time for Hope, but Pitfalls Wait
    < Legal Corner: "Illegal Sex" - CDC's biased definition
    < Editorial: A Time for PRIDE?
    < Women Loving Women in Prison: A New Issue of Sinister Wisdom
    < Prison or Kids. It's not a Joke.
    < The Journey
    < Linda Evans at San Francisco Dyke March
    < CCWP celebrates International Women's Day
    < Lesbian
    < New Parole Regulations on Battered Women - NOT ENOUGH
    < Released on Parole!
    < Helen Loheac's Glasses, an Update
    < It's Your Health: Lesbians and HIV/AIDS
    < Former Political Prisoners Speak Out for Lesbian Pride
    < Clandestine Kisses

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