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  The Fire Inside

Issue 19 - Fall 2001

    < Dedication to Twillah Wallace
    < Charisse Shumate: a Warrior, a Friend, an Inspiration
    < Legal Corner: Prisoners at War Time
    < Thoughts on 9/11, War and Women Prisoners
    < Anti-terrorism Legislation
    < Waiting
    < Theresa Cruz: Maltratada por la Justicia
    < Tributes to Charisse Shumate
    < To My Daughter and Best Friend, Gina Muniz
    < Heres My Heart (For Charisse)
    < Budget Cuts Threaten Prison Programs, Medical Care
    < CCWP Sponsors Events Opposing the War on Drugs
    < ACLU Takes up Sexual Assault in Jails and Prisons
    < It's Your Health: Medical Care on Death Row
    < Legislative Update

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