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  The Fire Inside

Issue 23 - Winter 2002-03

    < Dedication to Norma Jean Croy
    < The Prisonification of Indian Women
    < Legal Corner: The Indian Child Welfare Ace
    < Editorial: Native Women Prisoners
    < Standing Deer PRESENTE!
    < Pa'lante: La Prisionificación de las Mujeres Indígenas
    < Parole - A Distant Dream
    < Inez Garcia, the Right to Self-Defense
    < Welcome Home Marva Wallace and Susan Deering
    < Four Winds: Interview with LaVonne Roach
    < Sherrie Chapman PRESENTE!
    < Honor Dance for the Four Winds
    < Forms of Violence Against Native Women
    < NO to Restitution Increase from 22% to 55%!!!
    < Introducing Christina and Doris
    < A Message. . .
    < It's Your Health: Disabled in Prison

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