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  The Fire Inside

Issue 26 - Winter 2003-04

    < Dedication
    < New Spirit of Solidarity
    < Legal Corner: Punish and Isolate?
    < Editorial: Divisions in prison?
    < Views from Inside
    < There is Strength in Numbers
    < First State-wide Strategy Session on Working with Women Prisoners
    < Tell Arnold - Bring Our Prisoners Home!
    < Cross Gender Pat Searches Halted!
    < To My Sister
    < Irony
    < Perry Fund Scholarships
    < Welcome New Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Chase!
    < Bienvenida a la Nueva Coordinadora del Programa de Voluntarios/as Patricia Chase!
    < Our Voices Within: Healing from the Inside Out
    < It's Your Health: A Tribute to Peer Counselors
    < A New Northern California Chapter of CCWP Formed
    < Dia de los Muertos in San Francisco ...
    < ...and in Los Angeles

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