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  The Fire Inside

Issue 29 - Fall/Winter 2004

    < Dedication
    < To All Mothers in Prison
    < A Bill of Rights for children
    < Stress on families
    < Mother-daughter in prison
    < Family values
    < Valores Familiares
    < Our Voices Within: Our Journey
    < Parole Beat
    < Judi Ricci, Presente!
    < Theresa Azochar, Presente!
    < Book review: Couldn't Keep It to Myself
    < Charisse Shumate video
    < Mujeres, Latinas y madres: la triple resistencia
    < Women, Latinas and mothers: the triple resistance
    < Peace and Justice Community Summits
    < Family is Hard Won
    < Prison Tears Families Apart
    < Giving Voice to Family Members
    < It's Your Health
    < To pregnant women in prison
    < Disappointments with Prop 66 and Prop 69 Results
    < Asian Prisoners' Revolution

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