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Writings by Prisoners

Books and Articles

    < Extracts From Pelican Bay: An Anthology of Prisoner Poetry, Drawings and Essays. Pantograph Press, 1995.
A collection of writings and art by male prisoners at Pelican Bay Prison in California.

    < Blunk, Tim, and Raymond Luc Levasseur and the editors of Jacobin Books. Hauling Up the Morning, Izando la mañana. Red Sea Press, 1990.
Writings and Art by Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in the U.S. Includes contributions by Assata Shakur, Laura Whitehorn, Susan Rosenberg, Marilyn Buck, Katya Komisaruk, Barbara Curzi, Dylcia Pagán, Kathy Boudin, Alicia Rodríguez and Linda Evans, among many others.

    < Chevigny, Bell Gale (ed) and Helen Prejean. Doing Time: 25 Years of Prison Writing. A Pen American Center Prize Anthology. Arcade Publishing, 2000.
An anthology featuring writings from death row inmates, POWs of the drug war, and more.

    < Evans, Jeff ed. Undoing Time: American Prisoners in Own Words. North Eastern University Press, 2000.
Contains 36 pieces from a broad range of prisoners.

    < Jackson, George (see also Writings by Prisoners). Blood in My Eye. Black Classic Press, 1990
Political essays, thoughts and fragments from the legendary prison activist and revolutionary.

    < Jackson, George. Soledad Brothers: The Prison Letters of George Jackson. Lawrence Hill Books, 1994.
The definite book on the politics of prison by arguably America’s foremost prison activist.

    < O’Brien, Patricia. Making It in the "Free World": Women in Transition From Prison (Suny Series in Women, Crime and Criminology). State University of New York Press, 200
Using first-person narratives and a review of contemporary theory, this book addresses how women return to the "free world" after single or multiple experiences of incarceration.

    < Peltier, Leonard. Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance. Griffin Trade Paperback, 2000.
An American Indian movement Activist (AIM), Peltier was imprisoned two decades ago on charges stemming from conflict with the FBI on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. During his years in prison, Peltier has been subjected to horrific conditions and treatment. He writes about those experiences as they were part of a sundance, a traditional American Indian ceremony in which unendurable sufferings are embraced as a spiritual testimony.

    < Shakur, Assata. Assata. Zed Books, 1987.
Autobiography of Assata Shakur (born Joanne Chesimard), Black Panther leader politically persecuted in United States, and living in exile in Cuba.

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