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Support the Release of Martina Olea - tell the Governor!

Martina Olea has served 23 years on a 15-to-life sentence for causing the death of her daughter. This is the sixth time she has been found suitable for parole, and we are urging the governor to uphold the parole board’s decision to release her.

While incarcerated, Ms. Olea has worked hard to transform herself: she has learned the English language, participated in extensive therapy, and been involved in self-help groups consisting of Alcoholics Anonymous and parenting classes. She is a responsible woman who has learned to deal with challenges in a positive manner. She also has reached out for support from various community organizations to help her prepare for deportation to Mexico and has secured two solid job offers and a stable residence.

For more information about Martina and her life, please click here..

Please let the governor know that you support Martina's release by downloading and mailing or faxing a support letter here.

Thank you.

Last updated October 31, 2010 06:17 PM

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